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  • With autumn in full swing and Christmas just around the corner, it's time for us to embrace the autumn/winter colours, British weather and of course the trends.

  • Fake eyelashes. The clue's in the name isn't it? But that hasn't stopped millions of us from gluing the hairy wee blighters to our eyes in a bid to look more alluring. 

  • Autumn is in full swing and London Fashion Week is now behind us. 

  • AT the age of 35, I am beginning to feel the effects of ageing.

  • We are now officially into Autumn and back to the volatile British weather. London Fashion Week's SS15 kicks off Friday 12 - Tuesday 16 and then there's London Fashion Weekend with the ensuing trends descending for all the fashionistas out there. 

  • Now we're moving into August, the summer sun's still lingering but we will soon be full swing into Autumn. Then it'll be London Fashion Week too, so time to think about summer trends descending into autumn trends and styles. Here are my top ten favourite beauty and fashion releases this coming month...

  • Those who've been round the beauty block a few times will find nothing unusual about a plumping lipgloss, but one that makes you feel as if you've been sucker-punched with a ghost pepper chilli certainly piqued my curiosity.