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  • If you're having a traditional Bank Holiday weekend you'll probably do some or all of the following: plan a barbecue, cancel the barbecue because of the weather, get press-ganged into visiting a garden centre instead and then find yourself in IKEA wondering why you just spent £19 on a couple of plastic things you don't need and will never use.

  • Edinburgh's top beauty experts are getting residents ready for summer, offering over 1000 free treatments, tutorials and makeovers across two packed weekends at St Andrew Square (23-24 May) and outside The Huxley (30-31 May).

  • Which are the coolest cities on the planet?

  • So in the end, Andy Murray did pull on lederhosen to celebrate his victory in the BMW Open in Munich, despite saying beforehand that he would not.

  • ONE of the great things about being a man in these northern climes is that for the nine months of the Scottish winter you don't have to worry about any colour other than the one your football team wears to get thumped in on Saturdays, and whichever shade of brown it is your loved one demands of her morning cup of tea.

  • I BUY my socks in supermarkets these days, except on rare occasions - like it's the holidays and I'm staying somewhere with boats and overpriced fish and chips that come with homemade tartare sauce.