Food news

Food news

  • We're feeling festive and pumpkin's on the menu!

  • Pret a Manger is the lunchtime destination of many a city centre office worker and offers a selection of chilled salads, sushi, soups, as well as a bunch of meal choices and snacks that don't begin with the letter 's'.   

  • Hot on the heels of Shetland's Frankie's Fish & Chips (which recently scooped the title of Scotland's top chippie), four other Scottish shops have just been named in the UK's top 12 list.

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  • Cranachan, second floor, Princes Square, 48 Buchanan Street, Glasgow (, 0141 248 6257)

  • It's appropriate that a groundbreaking food conference aimed at tackling the thorny issue of food banks, poverty and unequal access to fresh, healthy food took place at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall last week.

  • It seems I've been in a bit of denial about the so-called alternative food scene.

  • So what are we to make of the latest Michelin Guide, which awarded two new stars to Scotland while taking two away?

  • Two dramatically different food events are taking place in Scotland this weekend, and the mixed messages they deliver have me wondering if Scotland isn't the most perplexing place on Earth.



  • PEOPLE always assume that I'm against wine from supermarkets.

  • The Lioness of Leith

  • It's not every day you see chardonnay and pinot noir growing in a Scottish greenhouse, or beers made of sticky willy and nettles.

  • IN the same way beetroot can split a room, some wine-producing areas elicit mixed responses from tasting groups.

  • Bennets Bar