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  • Give your old, tired plant containers a spruce up for autumn

  • CHOOSING art for your home can be daunting and many clients ask for my guidance in this important step of accessorising their homes.

  • Keep your

  • There are four reasons why I recommend making space for blueberries.

  • For once, this summer the problem for gardeners is too little rather than too much water.

  • This month and next are prime times for sharpening your secateurs, since most fruit bushes and trees need pruning in summer for a better harvest the following year, and deciduous hedges must be clipped for extra bushiness.

  • Using light to design a home is trickier than you might think, because new technologies and regulations affect the type and number of fittings you can have in a domestic setting.

  • Every night I charge my phone on my bedside table but find the cable really ugly to look at so this week's project will show you how to cover this up.