• There is a laidback feel to the capital of Chile, sitting between the Andes and the Pacific and an easy jumping off point for trips to the Atacama Desert, south to Patagonia or further away to Easter Island.

  • Self-catering cottages have come a long way from cold linoleum floors, saggy sofas, nylon sheets and the great smell of bleach.  Here's just a sample of what's available across the UK

  • As fuel costs fall the independence, flexibility and economy of a European campervan holiday is becoming an increasingly attractive package.  Here's a run down of top tips to consider before hitting the roa

  • Contrary to popular wisdom not all cruises are created equal.  For a taste of luxury life afloat here's a run down of ten top cruise lines.


  • Exploring 5,000 years of history over 19 days, Previously ...

  • On November 9, 1989, the scenes of jubilant people queuing to cross the Berlin Wall from east to west were beamed into our living rooms.

  •  Contintent-straddling city serves up  its own brand of beguiling Turkish delights.

  • THE children have shot off round the corner.

  • AS dawn broke, the glories of the Hebridean sea loch stretched out before us - like a long finger of the Atlantic Ocean, dark, brooding, wild, yet intensely beautiful.

Homes & Interiors/Gardens

  • As I explained last week, raised beds have many advantages, but growing success depends on the soil and compost you use.

  • NAOMI Slade has always had a soft spot for snowdrops.

  • If you'd like to start growing your own, try making or buying raised beds.

  • The weather is going to be the telling factor in garden design trends this year, thanks to several years of excessively wet weather and flooding.

  • If you're planning a new hedge this year, why not break away from traditional plantings?

  • As the RSPB, bird-watchers and gardeners nationwide gear up for the charity's annual Big Garden Birdwatch, the organisation is warning that birds that have benefited from a mild autumn will begin to struggle as the weather changes.

  • Make your garden a winter wonderland with plants which will not only survive the cold, but will look fantastic with a touch of frost or snow.

  • Hot, spicy ginger is the perfect houseplant for winter.