• Here's your essential guide to getting the best out of a holiday in Egypt.

  • 'WHEN it's three o'clock in New York, it's still 1938 in London." Bette Midler made that quip about London in 1978, when the city was in the grip of punk, the IRA and one of its periods of decline.

  • The clue was surely in the name. Any hotel prepared to allocate you a "Fun Room" is giving away quite a lot about its attitude to guests.

  • If you want a taste of the new India - exclusive restaurants and bars, world class hotels and soaring skyscrapers - head to Mumbai.


  • CAN a plane have a bumpy landing when there's no land involved?

  • Caroline Wilson had longed to visit Mingulay, where her grandmother was born just over a century ago - shortly before the island was abandoned by the last of its people.

  • It is unlikely that Josip Broz Tito ever bought a train ticket after becoming president of Yugoslavia.

Homes & Interiors/Gardens

  • After a glorious blaze of flowers, hydrangeas add superb autumn colour to the garden.

  • Whatever the size of your garden, there's always room for an apple tree, and there's no doubt Scottish nurseries are best placed to help you decide which trees are suited to your area.

  • Arm yourself with the best tools for a good tidy-u

  • I GREW up in Prestwick but moved to Glasgow to study silver-smithing and jewellery at Glasgow School of Art.

  • Some years ago, when planting roses, gardeners began using Rootgrow, a product containing mycorrhizal fungi which help new roses establish healthy roots and fight off rose replant sickness.