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  • 20 July 2014

    Every night I charge my phone on my bedside table but find the cable really ugly to look at so this week's project will show you how to cover this up.

  • 20 July 2014

    Using light to design a home is trickier than you might think, because new technologies and regulations affect the type and number of fittings you can have in a domestic setting.

  • 19 July 2014

    The bearded iris is an early summer treat whose rhizomes should be lifted and divided now if you want more for free.

  • 13 July 2014

    WE have lived in this flat in Govanhill's south side for nearly seven years and the kitchen was the reason we bought the place.

  • 21 June 2014

    The canny gardener is already looking ahead to 2015 and beyond; if that sounds like you, this is the month to sow biennials.

  • 14 June 2014

    The annual Gardening Scotland show is a must for keen gardeners and this year's was no exception.

  • 11 June 2014

    A PILE of bank notes totalling more than £2000 has been found in a public waste bin by passers-by in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.

  • 8 June 2014

    I'M a town mouse.

  • 8 June 2014

    I'VE had some leather hidden away in my fabric stash for a while and thought now is the time to do something with it, so this week I made a cover for a tablet computer.

  • 7 June 2014

    If you grow early and mid-season strawberries in a fruitcage, you'll enjoy a harvest lasting several weeks.