Harris Tweed Hebrides is hoping to show its cosmopolitan side as it launches its new international models.

The Scottish company, which supplies to 85 countries around the world and has worked with brands such as Chanel in the past, has recruited a French, an Italian and a South African model to be its new faces.

The brand has also announced that it has recently been contracted to supply American label J Crew and designer brand Moncler with Harris Tweed fabricMark Hogarth, Harris Tweed Hebrides creative director, said: "Harris Tweed obviously is a wholesaler of fashion fabric and that wholesale side is going very, very well, but it's important that we deepen the brand and don't let it get stale.

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"I see our international models as more than just models, I see them as ambassadors – they are aware of the fabric and they are aware of the brand. It's just showing a bit more of a cosmopolitan side. It's not to say we won't use Scottish models – we do regularly – it's just that we have to broaden our horizons."

The brand has recruited male model Julien Nettersheim from France as well as female models Alessandra Cirotto from Italy and Dorah Mtetwa from Soweto in South Africa.

Harris Tweed Hebrides is currently working with designer brands such as Margaret Howell and APC. The company is also in their third year working with Topman on their Harris Tweed range.

Harris Tweed Hebrides is also reporting an increase in interest in the classic Scottish fabric within the UK.