BBC Formula 1 presenter Lee McKenzie, originally from Ayrshire, reveals her secrets to surviving long flights, looking good on HD and fitting in on the sports field.

How would you describe your beauty routine?

I spend so much time on planes and in different time zones  - recently I’ve spend 37 hours flying from the UK to USA, Brazil and back to UK – all in 10 days.  My skin suffers from dehydration, sun and constant make up at work.

I cleanse and tone every night and use a sun protection under foundation.  I also do my own make up for F1 which is quite tricky to get right. Outside in a sporty environment you can’t look too much like a dolly bird and make up can be very ageing.  It’s also for HD so getting it right is important.  I love getting my make-up done for studio work and photos shoots though. It’s perfect to see what is on the market and learn some more tricks of the trade.  Buying make up and beauty products is really my guilty secret.

Any other tips?

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I drink a lot of water and cleanse and tone every night, never go to sleep with a trace of make up on as that is how your skin breathes.

Lee's favourite products

Lucas Paw Paw ointment (£5.40)


I buy in bulk when I’m in Australia every year for myself and friends.

Chantecaille Foundation £58)


It’s expensive but worth it. Perfect for doing my own make-up for HD TV.

Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick (£32)


Perfect for eyes, cheeks, lips and highlighting.

Mac Fluid Line eyeliner (£14)


I always use a brush and pot for eye liner precision.

Mac eye shadow (£12)


It stays all day and with a little splash of water it completely changes the base colour.

Guerlain Midnight Secret (£64.50)


It plumps up tired skin and makes me look I’ve had double the sleep. It’s an industry secret for over partied and sleep deprived TV people.

Neal’s Yard facial oil (£26.75)


It’s great for maximum hydration for flying and also for central heating.



Any and lots of it – Still searching for the perfect one