Question: How can I keep my lipstick lasting for longer without having to re-apply?

A. Lipsticks are a great way to instantly upgrade any make-up look. There are many different types of lipsticks on the market from full on matte to super moisturising. However, a lot of them do not last. I go by a certain rule that if a lipstick does not last through dinner and drinks then it needs a little extra 'oomph' to last that extra mile.

There are a few sure-fire ways to make your lipstick last and your pout prolong its perfection.

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To start, ensure your lips are super soft. To achieve this, a gentle lip exfoliator or moisturising balm will do the job and will help create a perfect base for your lipstick. Your lipstick will not last if you have flaky lips and it will simply lose its colour in a few hours.

Next, lip liner is a must to keep your lipstick intact. Begin by outlining your lips, utilising subtle strokes, with a lip liner that is the same colour as your chosen lipstick. By doing this, your lip liner will stop your lipstick from bleeding or fading away. In addition to this, fill in all of your lips with the lip liner. This will create a great layer for your lipstick to bond with.

I recommend investing in a good quality lip brush. It will make it easier when creating precise application compared to using the lipstick straight from the bullet. With your lip brush in hand, load it up with your chosen lipstick and then gently work the lipstick into your lips. The next step is crucial and the most important; blot your lips and work in another layer. Blotting your lips and applying many layers is vital to long lasting lips, the more layers the better!

To add a finishing touch and an expert effect to your resilient lips - place a tissue over your mouth and with a powder puff gently press translucent powder on top of the tissue. By doing this you are creating a thin protective film on top of your lipstick which will guarantee longevity.

My top picks for long lasting lips are:

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