What can I do in advance to ensure I look fantastic for the Christmas or New Year party?

A: As we are now in full swing of the Christmas period it means the festive parties are coming thick and fast.

Whether it’s a work party or a family gathering, we all want to look our best. Treating yourself head-to-toe in advance will give many benefits in the long run and make the hectic process of getting ready on the day a lot easier and much less stressful.

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I would recommend preparing for any Christmas party a week in advance; it allows the time to ensure you are in tip top condition on the day!

To save you from any unwanted blemishes and pimples popping up on the day of the party, I would apply a deep cleansing clay mask at least a week before. Applying a clay mask in advance will draw out any impurities that are underneath the skin, waiting to arise, and will also dry out any current blemishes. Your blemishes should take approximately 2 days to settle and disappear ensuring you have clear and spot free skin the week after.

Exfoliation and moisturising are key to soft and supple skin. By following these practices two to three times a week, it will slough off any dead skin cells and dry patches. A luxurious, sugar like scrub and an enriching moisturiser will be perfect to prepare for your party and will ensure no patchy fake tans or dodgy dry patches will be showing up on the big day.

Instead of getting a spray tan for your Christmas party, which could potentially turn disastrous, I would highly recommend applying a gradual tanner or a wash off tan instead. Applying a gradual tan will allow you to create the intensity to your liking and is also simple to wash off. Having a bronzed appearance will make you look healthy and feel fabulous.

For nourished and flowing locks, I would invest the time to apply a hair mask three times a week before your festive party. I would aim for a hair mask that deeply moisturises and repairs at the same time. Not only will it fix any dry and snapped ends, it will gradually rebuild and lock in moisture, creating effortlessly glamorous and hassle free hair.

Last and certainly not least, make sure your eyebrows are in perfect condition a couple of days before. Tweezing away any undesirable hairs will create a groomed and perfect eyebrow shape. Moreover, applying a soft tint that compliments your natural hair colour will give a great subtle definition to your brow shape.

My top picks for perfect preparation are:

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask (£57)

Pevonia Papaya and Pineapple Salt Mousse (£50)

Pevonia Papaya and Pineapple Body Balm (£63)

Xen Tan Scent Secure Gold (£26.99)

Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Treatment (£10.99)

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