Scottish popstar Lulu reveals her beauty secrets for looking after mature skin and keeping make-up in place when partying all night.

Miracle Glo perfecting lotion (£33)

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I have picked up some fabulous tricks and have learnt from the best makeup artists over the years. When going to a party I like to make sure my makeup stays on all night whilst staying dewy and glowing - so I apply my Miracle Glo perfecting lotion over my blusher, eye shadow and lipstick. It melts into the skin leaving me with a multi-dimensional glow and kind of ‘sets’ the makeup so you don’t get those ghastly creases or smears. Honestly - I would not party without this!



Myface lip pencil in nude (9.99)

As we mature, our lips can lose definition and seem to ‘sink’. That’s when a good lip liner is essential. First, look in the mirror and draw the line outside the natural lip line. That may sound odd, but try it!  Use a colour that is similar to your natural skin tone. I swear by myface cosmetics lip pencil in nude. Then fill in the rest of the lip with your lip colour (my choice is myface gigabite lipstick in vintage pink) and add a dab of lip gloss. Even just a little dab can make lips look instantly sexier and more youthfully plump.


Time Bomb Youth Explosion Night Serum (£33)

My secret weapons are the products I call my ‘big guns’, designed to work on mature skins, to plump them up from inside almost like scaffolding!


Dior Skinflash (£22)

Finding a great concealer is a bit of a holy grail! If I am not working I often go without foundation altogether but then a good concealer is very important. I use a light reflecting concealer pen and use it on lines from my nose to mouth, a little dab in the fold beneath my mouth which I dab in using my fingertips, and also around my mouth (prior to using my lip liner).


Operation Glam High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray (£16)

My hair is naturally very fine so I need volumising products and this is the best I have found – it literally sprays bounce and height and va va voom back in!!  I use it on stage when products really have to work, and this never lets me down.


Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (£4.99)

My go-to mascara – and believe me, I have tried them all!  For a light day time lash, I wiggle the brush as close the roots as possible. At night I add lashings and lashings of mascara till lashes are really smoky. And this is NOT an expensive mascara! I also swear by Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. They really are the best on the market.


Mason Pearson brush (various prices)

The best. It’s like someone massaging your scalp when you brush! I feel like nutrients are flooding to my roots to make my hair healthy. I always have one of these brushes in my bag.