A Scottish entrepreneur who invented the world’s first healthy pizza is hoping to spice things up with his new range of nutritionally balanced curries.

Donnie Maclean, who launched Eat Balanced with the help of Entrepreneurial Spark in 2012, says he is currently developing recipes for four curries which he plans to release later this year. He will also add different pizza toppings and sizes to his company’s current healthy meals range.

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The curries follow the launch of the culinary company’s first range of three healthy pizzas in 2012.

The frozen pizzas, which were backed by leading nutritional expert professor Mike Lean of Glasgow University, are made using fresh, natural ingredients such as seaweed and red peppers and each contains at least 30% of an adult’s recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals and less than a third of their guideline amounts of calories, fat and salt.

The ground-breaking meals won the best idea award at the 2012 UK food and drink expo and are currently on sale in 42 Asda and 27 Sainsbury’s stores across Scotland.

Donnie said: “There are quite a few things in our pipeline that will be coming out in the near future. We’ve got a few different curry recipes that we have developed and we’re just exploring the different manufacturers to make sure that we can scale up the recipe and make this our next range.

“2012 has been a real whirlwind for us but it sort of backs up the vision that I have for the company. I think people have been kind of inspired by what we have achieved. There’s a lot of pressure in the food industry to get fat and salt levels down but we’ve managed to do it with our first range of products. People think it’s very creative because they would not have expected a pizza to give them everything they need.

“I know that Eat Balanced has got a bright future. We’re getting great feedback on Facebook and Twitter where people are really inspired by what we’ve done so far. This is just the start of it for me, I think there’s so much more we can do with this brand.”

The pizza range, which includes cheese and cherry tomato, spicy chicken and ham and pineapple, has proved to be a big success since its launch and has even been added to the diet of the Scottish Rugby team.

Donnie now hopes to introduce Eat Balanced to the global market and says that the key to success in the food industry is to trust your instincts and not give up.

He said: “Who knows what the future holds but, in terms of what I would like it to do, I think we can go international. Everyone needs to eat a balanced diet and what we are trying to do is to make that easier.

“It is always difficult launching a company and fledgling companies need to have absolute tenacity and be passionate. If you believe in your product and you believe that, from the initial feedback, people really do like it, stick to it. Trust your gut and don’t give up.”

Eat Balanced’s healthy pizzas are available for £3 from Sainsbury’s and Asda store.

For more information visit www.eatbalanced.com.