Glasgow fashion blogger Michelle Haswell, otherwise known as Queen Michelle from style blog Kingdom of Style, reveals her beauty tips.

Daily moisturiser with SPF25 or more
I'm not really fussed which brand I use, as long as it's light enough to use every day. I'm almost 40, so keeping my skin protected from the sun is the most important beauty task I perform. I've been using a daily SPF since I was 19 years old.


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Biore warming daily facial scrub (£4.99)


I am cursed with exceptionally oily skin and found this really clears blackheads and keeps my skin smooth and reasonably clear.

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary hair oil (£9.99)


This stuff is a miracle in a bottle! I recently put my very dark hair through the hell of bleaching it blonde and dying it turquoise, so now I've gone back to brown I have to keep my hair in as good condition. This oil really brings back the shine and smoothes the frazzled ends.

Sebastian Flaunt Trilliant spray (around £19)


This is an amazing spray which keeps my hair well protected from the effects of hair drying.

Urban Decay Primer Lotion (£14.50)


This is basically the best product in the history of beauty. Oily skin equals oily eyelids, but this stops that dead in its tracks. It keeps my eyelids matte all day long which means I can wear shadow without it sliding off. Incredible stuff.

Illamsaqua Precision Ink eyeliner (£17)


I can't live without black liquid eyeliner and this stuff is incredible. It has brilliant staying power and is so easy to apply

Estee Lauder Doublewear lipsticks (£19.50)


I have a lot of these and they really do last a long time. The Stay Scarlet and Stay Pink are my favourites. I apply it and then rub it with my finger for a stained effect.

BarryM Dazzle Dust in neon pink (£4.59)


I wear this under my lower lashes for a pop of colour for a night out....and during the day. I have no sense of nightime and daytime makeup!

Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation (£27.50)


The only foundation which has a hope in hell of staying on for more than half an hour on my skin.