This week my mission to find the internet’s weirdest food offerings visits the world of edible crockery as I try making chocolate balloon bowls.

It’s a phrase that I’m sure most of us have heard at some stage in our lives: you’re enjoying a particularly tasty morsel and, in your efforts to ensure you do not miss a scrap, you scrape the plate clean only to be met by a sarcastic chorus of ‘why don’t you just eat the plate?’ Perhaps that was just me!

Anyway, for me, the idea does actually make a lot of sense. Why not serve your meal or dessert on something that will actually add something to it?

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I am aware that an edible bowl may seem as useful as a chocolate teapot but it may surprise you to know that this symbol of useless invention does actually work. There is extensive online testing and evidence which shows that this once mocked contraption can actually be used as a fully functional teapot which adds chocolatey hints and tone to your brew. If you’re very lucky, I may show you how to make your very own one day!

The success of the chocolate teapot inspires me to try making my own edible dinnerware and, after searching the net, I come across a recipe for chocolate balloon bowls that promises to produce tasty plates for a variety of wonderful food stuffs including ice cream, fruit, popcorn and even cereal.

The recipe, and I use the term in its broadest sense as it seems more like a craft project, looks deceptively simple but, if it works, I think it could be fantastic: I’ve got to give it a go.

I start by half blowing up four balloons and laying out a sheet of baking paper on top of a tray. I then melt 400g of milk chocolate in the microwave and dip the bottom of each balloon in the chocolate. I add a spoon of melted chocolate to the baking paper to create a base for the bowl and then place the chocolate dipped end of the balloon on top of it. After repeating this four times, I place the tray with the chocolate dipped balloons in the fridge and chill them for 30 minutes.

If I am honest, I am a bit concerned about the next stage as one false move could completely ruin the recipe and destroy all the work I’ve done so far. With this in mind, I carefully remove the chocolate dipped balloons from the fridge, make a hole in each balloon with scissors and gently let the air out of them. As the balloons start to deflate it becomes clear that this recipe has worked a treat and, as I remove the burst remnants from the bottom of each bowl, I can’t help but think about what wonderful things I should try in them first. There are many options to choose from but, for me, it’s got to be ice cream.

I fill the bowl with my favourite flavours, add some sprinkles and tuck in. The bowl is fantastic, it holds its shape well, it really adds something to the dessert, it tastes fantastic and it means that, for the first time, I can actually eat the plate.

So if you want to enjoy your dessert, plate and all, then look no further than this recipe. You’ll be bowled over by the results!

If you would like to try making chocolate balloon bowls follow the recipe below.


4 balloons

400g of chocolate, milk, dark or white, whichever you prefer


1 Place a sheet of baking paper on top of a tray

2 Half blow up four balloons, wash the balloon and dry off

3 Melt 400g of chocolate in a bowl either in the microwave or over boiling water, stirring regularly

4 Allow the chocolate to cool for a few minutes and then place a teaspoon of it on the baking paper to create the base for your bowl

5 Dip the bottom of the balloon in the melted chocolate, making sure it is well coated

6 Place the chocolate dipped balloon on top of the spoonful of melted chocolate on the baking tray and hold in place for 30 seconds

7 Repeat the process another three times

8 Place the tray with the chocolate covered balloons in the fridge and chill for 30 minutes

9 Take the tray out of the fridge and make a small hole in each balloon

10 Once the balloons have deflated, remove them from the bowls

11 Fill with your favourite treats and serve

This recipe will make four bowls.

If you have got a weird recipe that you would like me to try email me. Alternatively, if you have tried making this recipe, why not let me know how you got on by leaving a comment in the box below.

Happy baking!

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