There’s no shortage of cool new fashion labels hitting the cyber world and store circuit, but in this ever crowded and highly competitive market sector, you need to be more than just quirky, innovative and cool.

There’s an abundance of required skills to set up a new fashion brand, many of which the young guns lack, simply to due their naivety (we’ve all been there) and lack of commercial experience. However, when one comes along that possesses an exciting package, wrapped in significant commercial experience – it makes all the difference. Please welcome ‘Deetz’!

Set up by the highly ambitious London based siblings Amy Currie and Lauren Milligan, originally from Kilmarnock no less, this is a label that’s going places. They set up the brand in 2011 providing a unique hand-illustrated and very distinctive collection of digitally printed silk garments.

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There’s definitely something to suit everyone here with their bright candy colour placement prints and very vivid all-over prints in boyish oversized shapes. It was no wonder then that Harvey Nichols snapped up their collection! Interestingly I can see teens wearing their tops and playsuits as much as I can see cool women dashing about on the school runs with a Deetz top and their skinny jeans! 

Like other brands they have also grasped the concept that given this challenging financial climate their collections aren’t too seasonal. You could invest in their sought after ‘Mr and Mrs Top’ and rest in the knowledge that it could sit in your wardrobe and work for years!

It didn’t evolve with luck either. Lauren, now news editor at had picked up a penchant for fashion journalism whilst still at school and eventually ended up as Head of Press and Marketing at All Saints. After a stint at Galashiels, sister Amy joined All Saints as a design intern and expanded her skills as a freelance graphic designer working for brands like Richard Nicol, McQ, WGSN and Lee Cooper. Both sisters fully appreciated the value of commercial experience before venturing into their own label.

“You learn so much when working at a fashion house and I think it's so important to start at the bottom,” states Amy.  “By starting as an intern you learn all areas of the design process. This is invaluable. We are still learning though as each brand is different. We are creating a new path for ourselves and that's exciting.”

But setting up a label in this financial climate is not easy so what inspired the girls to take the plunge?

“We'd always hoped to start our own label at some point and we thought well, now is as good a time as any! We're both proactive people and know we have to work hard and put in the hours to achieve something great. The drawing side of it is relatively quick considering the detail that goes into it. I get lost in drawing and often work through the night, and before I know it, I'm up with the birds!! The rest of the process is a bit lengthier. We are a new label and are still learning at every stage. With Deetz, we wanted to create something we really believed in for women just like us,” said Amy.

Like many fashion entrepreneurs they had to privately finance the label to date and that’s no easy task. But with a solid fashion store like Harvey Nichols already stocking them and their own online site they’re off to a flying start.

So where do they see themselves in 5 years time we wonder?

“We'd love to eventually have a standalone store, as well as growing the business online. London is our home and it is where we'd like to initially build our business. Ideally we'd like to expand into stores globally. We adore the US and would love to see Deetz as a successful brand stateside in the near future,” said Lauren.

So Deetz is most definitely one to watch and given their tenacious Scottish roots I expect to hear much more about them in the years to come! But most importantly we should applaud their entrepreneurial passions because to get out of this current depressing economic climate we need more stylish sassy sisters like this pair!