A lot of us are baffled by blemishes and spots; we wake up in the morning and have a cluster of them on our forehead. Little do we know that it can be influenced by our daily routine, lifestyle or diet.

I recommend using a technique called ‘face mapping’ when trying to resolve the problem. By using my basic face map it will allow you to locate the area you are prone to blemishes and also what you need to do to clear up your skin.

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Area 1 – spots and blemishes that appear on the forehead, temples and between the eyebrows can be linked to your bladder, digestive system and liver. It's commonly known that if you have regular break outs on your forehead your digestive system is slow and sluggish.

To resolve the issue of a spotty forehead  I recommend drinking the recommended daily intake of water and also eating more fibrous and ‘whole’ foods. If you are not normally prone to this area being spotty and a cluster has appeared it may be because you are using new hair products that don’t agree with your skin, try using hair products that are for sensitive scalps as this will not irritate your skin.

Area 2 – redness and blemishes on the nose and located around the nose area can be due to high blood pressure and it may be the first signs on rosacea. By introducing regular and basic exercises, such as walking and swimming can help reduce the high levels of blood pressure that result in spots found in the nose area. Early stages of rosacea can be combated by using products that are designed for hyper-sensitive skin and redness.

Area 3 - a bad diet, high in sugary or salty foods, can result in large spots and blemishes on your cheeks. Fatty foods and unhealthy snacks should always be limited in your diet; reducing the levels of bad fats can make a massive difference in your skin and digestive system, not only reducing break outs on your cheeks but other areas of your face too.

An overlooked aspect would be to regularly wipe down your mobile and work/home phone; bacteria can transfer on to your cheeks from your phone, resulting in nasty papules and pustules.

Area 4 & 5 – hormones and stress are the main factors for a spotty chin or jaw line. By having a good skincare routine and using a weekly face mask for spot prone skin can reduce your risk of hormonal outbreaks. To reduce your stress levels when relating to spots I always recommend introducing relaxing exercises such as yoga.

Area 6 – if you are prone to spots around your lips it may be because your lipsticks or other lip products are comedogenic. Products that are comedogenic tend to block the layers of the skin and increase your chance of spots. I recommend using ‘anti-acne’ products; these are products that contain no parabens, harsh chemicals or mineral oils.

Please Note:  these guidelines are only to improve your routine and may not resolve all cases of acne and blemishes.