Sensitivity and Rosacea are very common skin conditions that affect your complexion and often your confidence.

Flare ups, redness and tightness are only some of the symptoms when dealing with sensitive skin and Rosacea - any of these issues can trigger at any time and can also be genetic, passed down within a family.

Sensitivity of the skin can sometimes even be the first signs of Rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition that affects your cheeks, nose and sometimes forehead. The skin flares up with blotchy red patches, spots are often visible and small broken veins may appear. Rosacea can appear at any stage in your life and it is a skin condition that is difficult to deal with.

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Unfortunately, there are no cures for Rosacea or skin sensitivity. However it is a subject I have studied extensively and have dealt with myself, thus allowing me to inform you of common triggers and the best items to use when dealing with these skin issues.

In order to control Rosacea and sensitive skin it is important to know the common triggers:

Extreme Temperatures– one of the main pieces of advice I tell any Rosacea and sensitive skin sufferer is to stay out of direct sunlight and not to sun bathe. Moreover, when bathing, showering and washing your face, extreme cold or hot water can wreak havoc on sensitive skin.

Spicy Foods and Sugar– I always recommend limiting your intake of spicy food and sugar. They are thought to be the two main foods that can cause redness and blotchiness when dealing with sensitive skin and Rosacea. Try eating milder foods and cutting back on the sweets and fizzy drinks.

Stress – stress and worrying can be one of the main triggers for sensitive skin types. It can aggravate your skin leaving it itchy, blotchy and tight feeling. I advise taking part in relaxing exercises such as Yoga to calm stress levels and minimise the risk

Skincare is a very important step to reduce the levels of skin sensitivity and minimise the risk of Rosacea flare-ups. I have some tried and tested products that I truly believe benefit and soothe the skin.

Pevonia’s RS2 Cleanser– specifically designed for Rosacea sufferers, this cleanser contains skin soothing properties. Including green tea and chamomile, which cleanse the skin while reducing redness and skin sensitivity.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser– Cetaphil is a cult classic for sensitive skin victims. It relieves itching and blotchiness without upsetting the skins PH balance. It is also fragrance free which is essential for delicate skin types.

Elemental Herbology’s Delicate Cleanser– infused with rose damask and packed with Omega’s 3, 6 and 9 this cleanser nourishes and nurtures at the same time.

Pai’s Chamomile & Rosehip Moisturiser– Chamomile is an important ingredient when dealing with Rosacea and sensitive prone skin. Free from irritants and harsh ingredients this moisturiser hydrates the skin while calming any flare ups.

La Roche Posay Anti-Redness Moisturiser – containing soothing spring water and providing a green tint this moisturiser is essential when dealing with redness and flare ups. The green tint cancels out the redness while leaving the skin soothed.

Do you have any other skin conditions you would like me to cover? If so, leave a comment below!