A club to celebrate one of the nation’s favourite dishes is preparing for its first meeting.

The Scottish Macaroni Appreciation Club (SMAC) will hold its inaugural meeting at Sloans in Glasgow tonight.

The monthly club will bring together lovers of the cheesy pasta dish, giving them a chance to share recipes, stories and platefuls of their favour food.

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It will also aims to put macaroni lovers to the test by serving deviations of the traditional dish, including Tex Mex mac and cheese, macaroni and meatballs and a mystery concoction which is not for the faint hearted.

SMAC daddy, the founder of the club, said: “There are macaroni purists who are only interested in the traditional serving of the dish, but at SMAC we welcome even the most maverick macaroni lover. There is nothing we won’t try macaroni cheese with and we challenge SMAC devotees to test our dedication.”

Tickets for the inaugural meeting sold out within a day. However, tickets for the next meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, March 27, are now available from Sloans at a cost of £9.95 per person. To book visit Sloans website.

To join the club visit SMAC's Facebook page.