Almost half of shoppers now buy most of their clothes online, according to new research.

The way we buy fashion is continuing to evolve, according to the new survey, with nearly half of those asked (47%), saying that they now buy the majority of their fashion online.

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The figures highlight a trend that has resulted in the explosion of online fashion retailers such as ASOS in the past couple of years.

Justin Sedgmond, head of, who carried out the research,  said: "In recent months we have witnessed huge growth in our fashion category and it is now the most visited area of the site."

When asked whether the amount of fashion bought online had increased the past five years, those who said yes said this was down to three factors - choice of products, ease of access from computers and mobile devices and increased trust in buying online.

Up to 32% of respondents said they had bought fashion on a smartphone or tablet.

And it seems we have become  savvier about what we buy. Nearly a third of respondents  (26%) said they never return items, and a further 64% return items rarely.

Shoppers also responded that prices are more transparent online, and value can be easily compared without trawling around the shops.