Don’t let the name fool you, this popular cocktail tastes nothing like the cool caffeine drink its title derives from.

Combining equal portions of vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec with a splash of cola, it is a strong classic in more ways than one and perfect to enjoy during our warm, but brief, summer. 

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There are many rumours regarding the origins of the Long Island Ice Tea: from a curious barman experimenting in a Long Island bar; to a rebelling community during 1920s prohibition. The blended liquors certainly pack a punch but the dash of cola detracts from any bitterness. Adding a twist of lemon juice gives this timeless drink a summer kick.




1/2 oz of triple sec

1/2 oz of white rum

1/2 oz of gin

1/2 oz of vodka

1/2 oz of tequila

1 oz of sour mix


A lemon wedge for garnish



1 Pour the spirits and sour mix into a large glass with ice.

2 Stir or shake well (enough to blend all liquors).

3 Fill the rest of glass with cola.

4 Squeeze some fresh lemon into the drink and garnish with lemon wedge.