How will it change my life?

Imagine a vacuum cleaner that requires little maintenance with no bags to change and zero filters to clean or get in the way when emptying its contents.

Its sleek, futuristic looks should make it appealing to men and women. Dyson also claims the DC54 can save you up to £500 over the course of 10 years since there are no bags or filters to replace.

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The device is approved by the British Allergy Foundation and anyone susceptible to irritation from dust and pollen will appreciate the DC54's ability to trap allergens and expel cleaner air.

The science bit I'll skip the physics lesson, but suction is provided through the cyclone technology by centrifugal force which pulls the dust up by spinning air at high speed and, since the dust is heavier than air, it is thrown into a receptacle, a process known as cyclonic separation. The amount of technology that makes up this device is staggering and would require an essay to explain, but Dyson has managed to make it simple to operate.

Good points Leaving all the technology aside, it just works - from the powerful suction to its excellent manoeuvrability.

The movement was so seamless I had to keep looking back to make sure it was following me. I love the speed with which it recoils the power cord and how easy it was to dispose of the dirt which just falls from the bottom with the press of a button.

The range of accessories is also very impressive, giving two floor modes for hard and carpet surfaces. Even Mrs Dimmock, who would struggle to pick our existing vacuum cleaner out of a line-up, looked mildly interested in it.

Bad points It's not cheap at £419 and can require a nozzle change to pick up an object bigger than a small pea. It's also a tad more difficult to store than a conventional upright vacuum cleaner.

Best for Those looking for a more convenient and efficient cleaning experience. Cleaning martyrs should look elsewhere for a dinner table rant.

Avoid if Your rooms lack the space to swing a cat as there's no point in bringing a tank to a watergun fight. The suction power means that any loose fitted carpets or rugs will be disturbed.

Score out of 10 A well deserved nine. Only a robot version could surpass the DC54's overall package.

Would I buy this with my own money? No question this would be my next purchase and I have already begun saving for Dyson's newest technological offering.

Dyson Cinetic DC54, £419. Visit

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