This week, Yelp brings you dim sum options east and west - Edinburgh and Glasgow!

We know where to slather on the salt and pepper bites and steamed buns!

Nanyang Malaysian Restaurant

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Unit 1 3-5 Lister Square, South Pavilion, Quartermile, Edinburgh

"The most authentic food you could imagine", according to Rayan D, who fancied a night in "eating wonderful dishes in front of the telly". With dim sum options like glutinous rice with chicken in lotus leaf, or custard egg yolk buns, we don't blame him for "feeling kinda smug" at the poor Come Dine With Me contestants!


191 Hope Street, Glasgow

"Everything ordered was off the small plates part of the menu and was fresh and tasty. Highlights were the har gau and chilli salt and pepper squid. The curried baby squid was nice too", raves Chris R.

Imperial Palace

36 Inglis Green Road, Juniper Green

"Ask about the food!" advises Murphy S, to make sure you get the best of the three menus on offer. His top tips for dining like an emperor include "prawn and breadstick cheung fun", which is "crazy good" and the "gelatinous meat parcel, super close to soup dumplings".

Dumpling Monkey

121 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

Gordon M loves that "the food is handmade each day. We were lucky to score the last two Char Sui (sweet pork buns), add in some beef and carrot pot stickers, some fried noodles (a delicious combo of soy/garlic fried mince with noodles and cucumber strips) and Congee with sausage and mushroom and the feast was ready!"

Stack Dim Sum

42 Dalmeny Street, Leith, Edinburgh

With a "good range of dim sum - fried and steamed - all cooked and served perfectly", Richard C finds that this restaurant is "full of surprises", such as "chicken claws and congee". His "highlight" was the asparagus and salmon dumplings - "the flavours are big without being salty".

Chinatown Restaurant

42 New City Road, Glasgow

Rocco G "came for dim sum, the dim sum duly arrived, they smelled so fine, steaming hot and juicy looking. The Shanghai mini buns and crab and pork dumplings are some of the best I've ever tasted!"

Saigon Saigon

14 South St Andrews Street, New Town, Edinburgh

"Up there in my top 10 places for dim sum ", declares Justin G of this "sturdy, decent-sized Chinese restaurant". He especially loves the "massive" portions; "I almost burst eating my fortune cooking", he confesses, but ploughed on as he believes they are "mandatory regardless if I pop like an angry bird".


29 Saracen Street, Glasgow

With a restaurant and supermarket, you can eat your dim sum and take it home too! Ross C loves that "every type of seafood, meat, fruit and vegetable is available (in more ways and more fresh than you are used to) as well as a variety of ready meals and frozen dim sum for you to take home and steam".


48 Ratcliffe Terrace, Newington, Edinburgh

If you want to do your own dim sum at home, Lou R recommends this "superb supermarket for all your Asian food needs" and confesses to being "never without a packet of their dim sum in my freezer". Along with "heaps of frozen dim sum" they also offer "some weird but wonderful delicacies for the adventurous".

Loon Fung

417 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

AJ P recommends you "start with the dim sum - this is an selection of interesting teensy appetiser type tidbits. Highly recommended are the Vietnamese spring rolls and beef/ginger/spring onion dumplings!"