Sometimes I wish my skin and my hair would get together and resolve their issues as my skin tends to be oily and my hair tends to be dry.

If only there was a way that my body could send this excess oil to my scalp to help nourish my parched locks but until I can figure out how to make that happen, I have no choice but to put my faith in the power of haircare products.

When I had a short pixie crop a few years ago, I could get away with just buying whatever cheap shampoo was on offer in Boots. Those days are now over as my hair has grown out and requires more care and attention than before.

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One of my favourite haircare brands is Bumble and Bumble so they were my first stop when I was looking for a shampoo and conditioner that would help combat frizz and add shine.

The gentle shampoo, £18.50 and super-rich conditioner, £20, are my favourites as they improved the condition of my hair from the first wash onwards. They conditioned my hair thoroughly without making it lank and greasy. A weekly deep conditioning treatment is a must to combat any damage from heat styling during the week so I picked up the Deeep intensive moisture and protein masque, £22.50, also from Bumble and Bumble. While this can be a bit of a faff as you need to apply the masque and leave on for twenty minutes before rinsing it out, it was worth the effort as it made a very noticeable difference to the condition of my hair.

Hair oils seem to be all the rage at the moment and Aveda have just launched their own version: dry remedy moisturising oil, £17.50. They have also rebranded their dry remedy haircare collection and revamped their moisturising shampoo, £20.50, moisturising conditioner, £22.50, and moisturising treatment masque, £28.50 so they have a new formula and a more appealing scent.

Ojon is another brand which has a great range aimed at those with dry hair. I wouldn't be without their rare blend oil, £30, as I apply the tiniest amount to the ends of my hair when wet to help moisturise and repair them. A little really does go a long way when it comes to this hair oil. The Ojon dry recovery hydrating shampoo, £18.50 and hydrating conditioner, £20.50, also help reduce frizz and add shine.

As we are not likely to ditch our curling tongs or straightening irons for good, the Ojon damage reverse restorative hair treatment, £34, is a nourishing weekly deep conditioning treatment that helps combat the damage that heat styling causes. The treatment oddly smells a little like chocolate and is quite thick so you have to warm in your hands before applying to the hair which can be a bit fiddly but it is worth the effort as it helps repair damaged and dry hair.