This creme de la Creme Egg is just one of the colossal candy creations that would send any chocolate lover's blood sugar levels soaring.

Pete Wilcock, 31, set up Pimp that Snack, a website for sweet-toothed chocolate lovers to share their mammoth renditions of our everyday favourite snacks.

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After making a few of his own designs, Pete, from Edinburgh, invited others to send in their own versions and was inundated with a wave of calori-ffic goodies.

Creations include a giant Creme Egg, complete with filling, a scale-busting Snickers bar and a titanic Toblerone treat.

The data manager from Edinburgh loves nothing more than going wild in the kitchen but admits he often has to call for back up when it comes to munching his way through the jaw-dropping goodies.

Pete said: "Sadly giant snacks are not a full time job although it's been a very pleasant hobby for the last few years.

"Some snacks are the product of a single afternoon, while others can take days of preparation to get just right.

"For me, the single most impressive creation is the giant creme egg. It's incredible.

"As the owner, I do have my own creations although I only really made the first few and the site took off like crazy and others starting sending in their own.

"Like any great effort, the reason for doing it is the satisfaction you get when you end up with something that looks authentic to the original, and gigantic too."

Pictures: Caters News. Words: Ian Mitchelmore