Lace was at the heart of the work showcased by third year textile and fashion design students from Glasgow School of Art today.

Part of a series of shows, the designs were presented in the GSA Student Association building where themes pertaining to the qualities and characteristics of lace helped link the four textile design pathways - embroidery, knit, print and weave.

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Each third-year student showed a mini collection of three outfits.

The young designers have looked at the use and effects of colour, pattern and scale, while concentrating their styling on a specific geographic area.

Print students have looked at East and West Africa, with particular reference to the Maasai people of the East, and Masquerade rituals of the West.

Knit has explored traditions in Peru and Ecuador.

Weave has been inspired by the Thobe traditions in Palestine, while embroidery has chosen Romanian design as a starting point.

Fashion design students, meanwhile, have researched designs and traditions of at the Inuit people - specifically Yupik, Eskimo and Inupiat - when creating their looks.