Edinburgh's hippest hairdressers - Benjamin's barber shop - has opened its doors to a different kind of clientele as it hosted a pop-up event from Scot Street Style creator Gordon J Millar.

The latest in a series of 'gatherings', #thegathering3 saw a variety of designers, actors and bloggers assemble to meet other like-minded guests and celebrate Scotland's arts scene.

Scot Street Style is a collective devised by Millar attempting to support and unite some of the country's most prominent creative minds both online via social media and in real life.

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The collective has also held events previously in Glasgow's Hillhead Bookclub and Edinburgh's City Cafe as an extension of its online presence, encouraging people from Scotland's sartorial circles to meet 'in the flesh' away from the computer screen.

Guests at #thegathering3 included actress Marlene Madenge, fashion blogger and author of 100 Beards in 100 Days Jonathan D Pryce and Edinburgh-based fashion designer Judy R Clark.

The next gathering is currently being planned for Glasgow, as well as an upcoming event in Dundee.