Scottish art scene stalwart John Byrne has combined brushes with brews in a new collaboration with Barney's Beers.

The artist has designed a special issue limited edition label which will appear on the brewery's latest output - Extra Pale.

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Barney's Beer, which is brewed on-site at Edinburgh's Summerhall venue, has three well-established favourites, Good Ordinary Pale Ale, Red Rye and Volcano IPA. To launch the latest addition to the Summerhall brewery's portfolio, Barney invited Byrne to create something special.

The artist's interpretation of the brief manifested in the label as seen on Extra Pale, with 200 numbered limited edition bottles now being launched to the global market. 50 of the 200 special bottles will be packaged up and heading to suppliers to allow consumers to have a 'golden ticket' style chance of picking up a bottle.

Barney's is stocked at The Lioness of Leith, Scran & Sallie, The Dogs, Great Grog, Vino Wines, Harvey Nichols, Henri Delicatessen among others.