This week, the first spears of Scottish asparagus - named 'albaragus' - were harvested from a farm in Inchinnan after two farmers decided last year to plant 30,000 asparagus crowns and see what happened.

The vegetable is notorious for preferring dry weather conditions - not ordinarily found in the farm's Renfrewshire location. However, the farm's produce prospered and the farmers behind the venture - Robert Ritchie and James Mackie - are now proud to call it a success and can list themselves among the handful of Scottish farms growing asparagus.

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But how does it compare to what's already out there? We compare this locally-grown Scottish asparagus to its supermarket rivals…

Name 1: Albaragus.

Name 2: Asparagus.

Name 3: Asparagus.


Brand 1: Barnhill Farm.

Brand 2: The upmarket supermarket where wages go to die. 

Brand 3: A supermarket whose name rhymes with Gwyneth Paltrow's blog. Kind of.


Price 1: £3 per 250g bundle.

Price 2: £2.50 per 200g bundle.

Price 3: £1.69 per 170g bundle.


When picked 1: Less than 24 hours ago.

When picked 2: Unspecified.

When picked 3: Judging by its looks, age more difficult to determine than Cher's.


Where grown 1: A field minutes from Glasgow airport, an area usually reserved for clandestinely winching air stewards (probably).

Where grown 2: Wye Valley, by the Chinn family. This isn't just any Chinn family, either. This is the M&S Chinn family.

Where grown 3: An unspecified region of Peru. Anywhere in an area measuring 1,285,216km2, then.


Appearance 1: A slim and sinuous body topped with a quiff Elvis would envy.

Appearance 2: Supersized, with an on-trend purple to green ombre effect.

Appearance 3: As thick and off-green in colour as a gangrenous finger.


Smell 1: Nothing.

Smell 2: Clean.

Smell 3: Kissed by angels. Angels wearing detergent flavoured lip-balm.


To touch 1: Like a magic wand.

To touch 2: Like a rubber band.

To touch 3: Like a dead hand.


Taste test 1: Sweet and crisp. Eat raw as a snack. 

Taste test 2: Squeaky on the teeth but relatively mild. Eat raw if nails down a blackboard don't bother you.

Taste test 3: Neutral flavours to begin, finishing in a bitter after-taste. Eat raw if you hate your taste buds.


Barnhill farm's 'albaragus' is available to buy from the farm's on-site asparagus hut. Find out more on the business at