This week, Yelp is sticking its snout in the trough and scavenging for the juiciest pork chops and the most mouthwatering bacon across Glasgow and Edinburgh.

So wrap your curly tail around our ode to all things that go oink!

Dumpling Monkey

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121 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow

Austen M "had a lunch tray of Pork Char Sui with rice and it was epic. Really fresh tasting, not too spicy and really filling. Along side this I got a third of a portion of boiled pork and a third of a portion beef dumplings. Without doubt they were some of the tastiest dumplings I ever have had!"


34 William Street, West End, Edinburgh

Alex R "absolutely loved" his pulled pork, declaring it "fantastic... not too juicy and with the right balance of chutney and meat" - yum!

The Squid & Whale

372 Great Western Road, Glasgow

Sara T loves the "good portion sizes, tasty tastiness, pulled pork that was juicy and well flavoured, ribs that were just gorgeous!"

Kim's Mini Meals

5 Buccleuch Street, Newington, Edinburgh

"What a meal that was," sighs Joe A contentedly. He's talking about the pork bulgogi at this renowned little Korean restaurant, and with "charming and helpful" staff it's well worth a visit.

Cocktail & Burger

323 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

"Having finally tried the full Poppin' Pork experience I am a very happy girl" raves Bex M! "The stealth fries were delish as usual and yummy pork - the best pulled pork ever as it's not BBQ flavoured, just juicy and delicious!"


8 Morrison Street, West End, Edinburgh

"Yabbadabbadoo!" hollers Justin G. He released his ecstatic inner caveman after visiting this "awesome" meat-house: "The fried pork belly was strangely good... it had that pork flavour with something else I can't put my finger on."

Nic's NYC Deli

50 St Enoch Square, Glasgow

Tony C went for the "dull and boring" option of "white bread with pulled pork and cheese - just to get a feel for the pork. And holy moley, it's good. It's damn good. It's sweet, it's filling, it's smokey... I can't wait to try it with other stuff, which I will!"


34 Victoria Street, Old Town, Edinburgh

Ursula D notes Edinburgh's "love affair with pulled pork sandwiches... this suits me just fine." Her "wholemeal bap with pork, sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce" at this Edinburgh favourite was "a really nice treat".

Banana Leaf

67 Cambridge Street, Glasgow

Kevin P sampled the "mini pork spring rolls" and the main of "whole seabass with minced pork, coriander, ginger and chili - my mouth is salivating thinking about it again!"

The Atelier

159 Morrison Street, West End, Edinburgh

Claire L is a fan of the "pork three ways" - that's pork fillet, belly and cheek. "The pork belly was good as the fat just melted away and the pork cheek was delish! I also loved the cinnamon apple sauce."