What is it?

A brilliant modern take on the classic remote-controlled car.

How will it change my life? Like many boys when I was growing up, I could be found out in the garden rolling around in muck pretending to be on a mission behind enemy lines. This was good practice for foiling the sinister plans of my two sisters. I would stalk through the neighbour's long grass and silently listen to what the girls were plotting.

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Staying one step ahead in this semi-Cold War was a necessity to keep your men (Mum would refer to them as cuddly toys) safe from harm. Boundaries would regularly be invaded and hostages taken. This included an elephant called Trunks that tragically lost an ear to tiny hands when my older sister lured me away with the promise of chocolate.

If only I'd had a second pair of eyes, a covert way to keep tabs on my cunning kin. In those days electronic toy cars were attached to three-feet wires and video had just killed the radio star. Fortunately for today's generation of budding James Bonds there's a plethora of options available to help maintain supremacy in the sibling rivalry stakes.

The BeeWi ScaraBee is a remotely controlled buggy with built-in camera that can record video as well as take snaps on the move. It's controlled through either IOS or Android devices via the downloaded BuggyPad app. Once connected to the car's Wi-Fi signal you simply start the app and you're transported into a world of espionage and endless fun.

The buggy is set up in two easy stages, the first being charging of the batteries which is done by connecting the power pack to your computer via a USB cable. The second involves downloading and installing the free BuggyPad app which provides the controls for the car. There is an accelerator slider used by your right hand thumb and steering is operated by your left which can take a little getting used to but which is a big part of the fun.

Good points? I love that you get the perspective of the buggy through the camera and that you don't have to follow it around to make sure you're not knocking over glasses of wine (sorry Mrs D) or hitting table legs.

Chasing your wife around the house from a safe distance and recording the ensuing hilarity for later viewing on You've Been Framed or YouTube provides hours of boundless fun.

Bad points? The only way to make this toy better would involve adding a jetpack and laser beam.

Best for … Big kids who saw the phone-controlled car chase scene in Tomorrow Never Dies and were desperate to try it for themselves. You won't be disappointed.

Avoid if … You value your marriage/relationship. The BeeWi ScaraBee holds real power over all red-blooded males.

Score 9/10. Tremendous fun with no age limit.

l BeeWi ScaraBee, £89.99 (bee-wi.com)