Pupils got the chance to show off what they love about Glasgow recently as they took part in a film editing workshop at the city's Apple store.

Primary six and seven pupils from Darnley Primary received top tips about how to create a film using iMovie during a 90 minute Field Trip workshop hosted by the Apple Store in Buchanan Street on Friday, May 30.

The free workshop was part of Apple's Field Trip programme, which runs worldwide in Spring and Autumn. The programme aims to support and nurture childrens' understanding and awareness of technology by helping them create apps, presentations, videos and music for school projects. It has proved popular with schools across the city, with the last term of workshops being booked up in just four and a half hours.

Teacher Richard McKean said: "The Field Trips are a good way for children to learn. They use this technology in their homes but we're now showing them a different way and they will come away today with new skills.

"We're tricking them really because they are doing things on the Field Trip that they enjoy and they are learning at the same time. They have such fun with it, they love using the iPads.

"The workshop gives them the opportunity to use skills they already have and they take it to very easily. For example, we have a coding app and the kids write code for Flappy Birds in class. It's teaching them maths but in a different way and in a way that they see as fun and more engaging.

"It gives the children the opportunity to be literate in a different way and provides them with the best opportunities possible."

Apple also runs a summer camp during the school holidays, which aims to help children have fun with technology.

Mr McKean added: "Technology is an much more important part of childrens lives now than it was with my generation and if we can facilitate their learning and keep their skills up to date then that's a good thing."

Registration for Apple's summer school opens later this month. Visit the Apple site for more details.

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