Style stalwart Burberry has opened its first store in Scotland, situated on Edinburgh's prestigious Multrees Walk.

Already home to iconic luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Harvey Nichols and Mulberry, the addition of Burberry firmly cements Multrees Walk's reputation as the number one shopping destination in Scotland for demanding fashionistas.

Quintessential, iconic luxury best describes the Burberry brand currently under the control of Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey. Bailey is credited with transforming the company's fortunes by turning it into the luxury industry's digital leader and overseeing a reinvigoration of Burberry's designs.

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Set over two floors, the new store reflects the Burberry global store design concept.  Drawing reference physically and digitally from the brand's global flagship in London, the store features large video walls and in-store digital screens that will showcase the brands fashion shows and events live from across the globe.  The store will house a wide range of womens and mens apparel, accessories and fragrances from the Burberry Brit and Heritage collections.

Burberry Brit offers a relaxed and youthful take on the iconic British fashion house's aesthetic and interprets the heritage and sophistication in a casual way.  Great for building your weekend wardrobe the collection offers effortless styling and features classic Oxford and check shirts, directional denim, knitwear, soft leather jackets and heritage inspired coats.

Heritage is the trench coat collection - the trench coat is the brand's signature and lies at the heart of everything from the Prorsum runway collections to the design of the stores and events.   

Originally named the Tielocken, the trench coat has become a symbol of luxury, expert craftsmanship and timeless British style.  First created to protect military officers from the wind and rain, it has evolved from a functional piece, accompanying explorers on their first expeditions to the poles, into a fashion item worn by royalty, film stars, artists, and influencers around the world.

To celebrate, this year Burberry's refined the core Heritage collection and now offer three styles of trench coat in three fits and three colours for women.  The Sandringham, The Kensington and The Westminster, provide the perfect fit for any female form.

It takes approximately three weeks to make each coat; over 100 highly skilled processes are completed, each one to ensure the quality and unique appearance for which the Burberry trench coat is known.  The most intricate of these is the stitching of the collar, which is unique to Burberry trench coats.  It takes up to a year to learn to stitch the collar alone, using a method that is part of Burberry design heritage.

Each coat is lined with the iconic Burberry check, a badge of origin since the 1920s, which is made up of a signature combination of camel, ivory, red and black.  Detail is key in the creation of the trench coat.  The cuff straps and belt are constructed and stitched so that their edges are clean and flat, while the formation of the back pleat has not changed in 100 years, staying true to the design for horse riding.  

At the heart of the Burberry trench coat story is the tightly woven cloth that sets it apart from all others.  Invented by Thomas Burberry in 1879, gabardine revolutionised rainwear.  Before this innovation, fabrics were waxed or rubberised after weaving to repel water, making them heavy, stiff and uncomfortable to wear for long periods.  Gabardine is rubberised prior to weaving creating a lightweight, highly weatherproof and breathable garment.  Today gabardine is created using many of the traditional techniques that originally set it apart from other fabrics, alongside new, modern finishing processes that make it more water-repellent than ever before.  

Who says you can't wear fashion when it rains?