In a new series, fashion blogger Eunice Olumide reports on star style from around the world. This week, she tackles the best-dressed stars at the 2014 film festivals...

Rosario Dawson was without a doubt the most delectably dressed at the uber-chic Cannes Film Festival, which I attended just last month on the stunning French Riviera.  Not to be undone, the Edinburgh International Film Festival was a vision of panache with an inimitable distinctive individuality.  As always there were those stars that transcended mere beauty.  My top ten starts with Ugly Betty superstar America Ferrera, who at the opening gala opted for screen star goddess style.  Her exquisite evening gown shimmered from head to toe in emerald green, which indisputably set her in a league of her own. 

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I sighted our very own Pollyanna McIntosh at the world premier of Hyena.Polly wore a lovely yellow summer dress that would have worked either in Cannes or at Sundance, and was just absolutely perfect in the glorious Scottish sunshine that lasted all week. I was particularly impressed by actor Neil Maskell who really stood out from the crowd in an incredible Oswald Boteng number, so much so that I wish I could just wear men's suits all day now.

Film critic and artistic director of EIFF Chris Fujiwara had a consistent and eloquent red carpet look each and every day of the festival, delighting the audience in classic red carpet attire, accompanied by a playful selection of bowties. Scottish acting legend Brian Cox had to be one of my favourite screen style icons.  He chose to mix the traditional with the contemporary, sporting a sophisticated black kilt with matching jacket and white shirt. 

Stephen Graham was one of those immeasurable stars who really articulated his personality through his style in a black silk and grey tweed waist coat, only undone by producer Stephen Woolley who opted for a green patterned shirt and purple pin stripe suit jacket. 

My top two gentlemen have to be Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood and Peter Ferdinando, famous for his starring roles in films such as Snow White and the Huntsman,and 300 Rise of The Empire who both went for modern, up-to-date grey suits that were so well-tailored that they jointly stole the crown.  

My screen style sweetheart gong goes to actress Elisa Lasowski who graced us with a vintage ensemble that was just so effortlessly feminine, combining white chiffon and a beautiful polka-dot necktie passed down from her grand father.