What is it?

Game-changing office attire in the fight against sweat marks.

How will it change my life? Picture the scene: the balmy summer sun beating down on a crowded bus, tightly packed bodies constantly manoeuvring in a futile effort to avoid contact with the person next to them. All around is the low hum of conversation, the incessant tapping of touchscreen phones and a hubbub of traffic, but all you can focus on are the growing patches of moisture spreading throughout the cramped space like disease. With your nose only inches from a swaying armpit, there comes a brainwave: escape by getting off a stop or two early. But it's already too late, you can feel the first bead of perspiration snaking its way down your spine and pooling in your lower back.

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This scenario is only amplified if, like me, you are a regular cycle commuter. When the mercury soars I can arrive at the office looking like I've cycled a gruelling stage of the Tour de France rather than a two-mile doddle.

Deodorants may mask nasty odours, but invariably do little when it comes to preventing unsightly damp stains. No-one wants to enter a critical business meeting sweating like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Step forward SmartWeave, a company founded 10 years ago with the aim of creating fabrics that prevent sweat marks. When they promised a crisp cotton shirt that would provide the confidence of knowing you look your best even when you don't feel it, I was sceptical.

The SmartWeave shirt works by wicking moisture away from the skin which then evaporates without tarnishing the looks of the material - or your reputation.

Good points? The primary function of the shirt is to conceal perspiration and it does a wonderful job even in the toughest of circumstances: a cycle commute on a hot summer's day. In the spirit of giving it a thorough testing, I pedalled home with the sort of vigour only Lance Armstrong post-transfusion could muster, arriving with every stitch of clothing feeling like it had welded to my skin.

Then came the moment of truth: time for an inspection of the shirt. Despite my back being slick with a deluge of sweat, the shirt looked perfectly dry. The design is stylish and the fabric feels as soft as cotton.

Bad points? None.

Best for … Anyone looking for a stress-free commute in style.

Avoid if … You are the type of person who couldn't care less about your appearance or how you are perceived by colleagues or business clients.

Score: 10/10. A magnificent idea well executed.

l SmartWeave shirt, £65 (smartweavestore.com)