I first met the exceptional and delectable talent that is Charles Venn two years ago when I interviewed him for Sky television.

Recently we hung out at the prestigious Screen Nation awards along with actor and good friend Patrick McKenzie as well as upcoming star Kali Best. Charles is famous for his roles in Hollywood blockbusters including 'The Dark Knight' (2008), 'The Bourne Ultimatum,' (2007), and 'Thick as Thieves' (2009) starring legend and a personal favourite Morgan Freeman.  For those of you who love their soaps you will also remember him for his recent role on Eastenders.

Charles is certainly the epitome of talent, style and sophistication.  His on-screen charm and charisma permeate his new drama production 'The Method of Love'.  This year he plays a lead role in the BBC One drama 'Moving On', written by Jimmy McGovern and in the upcoming feature film 'Invasion 1897'. 

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I caught up with him this weekend for an exclusive inside interview on his star style.

Do you have a particular person that inspires your style?  If not where do you draw inspiration from?

There's not a particular person, I have a number of influences: Andre 3000, David Beckham, Tinie Tempah, P.Diddy, there's a few... including Daniel Craig.

What is your ultimate period in terms of fashion in history?

It had to be the sixties, those streamlined suits, the perfectly cut trousers... it still has an influence on me to this day!

Is there any fashion style that you would love to see come back into full effect in 2015?

I would love to see some of the seventies-style clothing come back to the fore. I've always been a fan of subtly flared trousers.

Has there ever been an outfit that you have had to wear for an occasion that you just hated, or if not what would be your worst nightmare if a stylist knocked on your door before a live television broadcast?

I do remember bring offered a suit which was going to be made for me a few days before an event by a new designer.  I received the suit on the day but it was horribly cut, ill-fitting, and basically a disaster! I had to do a last minute shop to have something to wear.

What are the things that most irritate you in fashion?

People who try too hard to be left wing, non-conformist.

Do you have a favourite designer?

Giorgio Armani, forever!

As a successful actor what's your favourite outfit that you can put on to achieve absolute comfort?

A stylishly loose fitting t shirt, and a loose-fitting tapered pair of jeans.

If you could design your own ensemble to wear at a special event such as an awards ceremony, what would it be and why?

A slickly-fitted blazer, with a perfectly hung, lightly-flared pair of trousers, fine cotton fitted shirt and classy tie, finished off with the finest handmade leather shoes with a blunt pointed front. Oh, and it has to be black.

What has been your best fashion discovery or find?

Harems - comfortable, androgynous, cool and edgy.

If you could own one pair of kicks in the universe what would they be?

Vintage, sixties mahogany brown brogues.