What is it?

Multi-faceted baby monitor for the modern family.

How will it change my life? It's natural that parents feel protective towards their new arrivals, invariably sprinting for the nursery at the merest hint of a cry or tiptoeing in through the night to check they're breathing. Thankfully there is a growing number of technologies to help keep children safe, not least turning smartphones into baby monitors with one such device being the EyeOn Baby Camera.

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Good points? The picture and sound quality are superb. Gone are the days of white noise audio and grainy display. The HD picture is sharp in any light and its performance in complete darkness is a considerable cut above the competition.

The temperature sensors are a great addition and one often overlooked in safety-oriented devices such as this. Instant notification alerts are initiated if the room gets too hot or too cold, giving you time to adjust the thermostat or wrap up Junior in the hideous onesie your mother made.

A microSD card slot provides plenty of scope to store video and stills without resorting to implementing some convoluted system. You can save even more precious storage space with the motion and noise activation sensors so, when your little one is in the land of nod, your storage card isn't filling up unnecessarily.

There has been a lot of news coverage recently about baby monitoring and CCTV systems being hacked with terrifying consequences so it's imperative that anything you add to your network of home devices has a more than adequate amount of security. The EyeOn Baby Camera handles this with the standard you'd expect from a trusted brand like D-Link, which is actively keeping ahead of industry vulnerabilities and patching where needed. While ultimately there are no fool-proof systems where security is concerned, you can negate potential issues by keeping tabs on your equipment supplier's website for any updates.

The EyeOn can be viewed from and controlled by smartphone and tablet applications so you can stay in touch when out for dinner or trying out a new babysitter. The two-way audio allows you to reassure yourself without having to be physically present, which is another nice add-on, as is the function to play a lullaby on command should your baby start to stir.

Bad points? It's hard to be critical of something so brilliantly designed for the purpose of maintaining the baby's wellbeing.

Best for … New parents and grandparents; it could also be used in a care home or domestically to watch over an elderly relative.

Avoid if … You don't own a smartphone or tablet.

Score: 9/10. The ultimate trust you can have in any device is that of securing your loved ones. D-Link has provided the benchmark.

l EyeOn Baby Camera, £99.99 (dlink.com)