What is it?

An Android tablet with super powers.

How will it change my life? Tablet computers are taking over the electronic consumer world with no let-up in sight. You see people tapping away on screens everywhere from trains to park benches and they seem to be ingrained in the fabric of family life to a possibly alarming if often hilarious level. On a recent journey to the Emirates Arena to take in a spot of Commonwealth Games badminton, I saw a family basking in the sunshine and immersing themselves in the atmosphere of the excited crowd waiting at the gates for entry.

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A toddler began to cry. Without hesitation the child's elder sister pulled a book from a bag and handed it to her sibling. Grasping the book with one hand and using a chubby finger to swipe across the cover, there came the sudden realisation that this was not the intended object of desire and again the tears flowed. Subsequent efforts to end the anguish were only successful when the real tablet was produced.

The abundance and availability of tablets and corresponding information has dissuaded me from adding to their column inches, but being asked which is the best choice on a weekly basis has forced my hand.

The Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ offers everything you could want from a tablet but with extras that pull it clear above its competitors. It boasts an array of components usually only found in desktop computers, such as a 1.6GHz processor and 2GB memory that make it run like a flash of binary lightning.

Good points? The HD display is crystal clear and responds instantly to every gesture without the lethargy I've seen in most Android tablets. The more powerful computers get, the more elaborate manufacturers are with software that degrades performance. Thankfully Lenovo has got the balance right, with the Yoga concentrating on quality rather than a bloated product.

The base section doubles as a flip-out stand and works extremely well, so there is no need to purchase additional accessories to enjoy hands-free movie viewing. The unit feels solid and lends to the overall sense of quality.

Bad points? Although the integrated stand is a great touch and holds its own against anything you can buy, it can be a bit of a struggle to deploy due to the flip style motion that has nothing to grip against.

Best for… Anyone looking for portable computing won't go wrong with the Yoga tablet.

Avoid if … All you need is a touchscreen to appease your tech-savvy babies; an old phone should do the trick.

Score: 9/10, The Yoga Tablet10 is a wonderful advert for the Android market and what can be achieved with a little bit of thought and hard work.

l Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ £299 (lenovo.com)