What is it?

A jacket to hold all your gadgetry.

How will it change my life? Having purchased a lot of gadgets over the years, there are times when even the shortest trip can turn into a logistical nightmare. When travelling with Mrs D, I usually rely on the handiest of filters for avoiding small talk with strangers, while she will chat away for hours to someone she has only just met about everything from the weather to the looming Scottish independence referendum or latest episode of America's Next Top Model. Flying solo, however, is a different story. The best way to deal with such encounters is to be prepared and that's where an arsenal of MP3 players, tablets and a Kindle comes in handy. As someone who has long loathed the notion of the man-bag (rucksacks, briefcases, laptop receptacles are all fine - but there is a thin line between practical and poncey) it poses a daily quandary. Anyone familiar with the 1980s children's television series Inspector Gadget will have a rough idea of what I look like any time I leave the house, with bulging tech-filled pockets. Albeit, it is an image often more reminiscent of the shambling demeanour of another telly detective, Columbo, given that I never have enough room for everything and invariably rip pocket linings to shreds. Step forward the brilliant J-25 jacket from AyeGear. As the name suggests, it has 25 pockets of varying size to hold keys, passport, phone, MP3 players, earphones and everything else you could need. It even has space for two tablets and a 15in laptop. Additional touches include a retractable reel for securing keys and an internal earphone routing system. It's got my nomination for product of the year simply because we finally have an alternative to man-bags, the scourge of society. I only wish I'd had this jacket on my last trip abroad, the airport security check point would have been a breeze. The other big plus is that AyeGear is a homegrown firm, established three years ago in East Kilbride with the aim of manufacturing innovative, quality clothing for the tech-savvy traveller. Good points: The jacket is very comfortable, whether loaded with gadgets or not. The cotton /nylon material feels indestructible while giving an air of quality. It has a hood which shelters like a fitted umbrella, while the clever design means the concealed gadgets don't add bulk and prevent you from looking like a shoplifter. Sizes from S to XXXL.

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Bad points: Emptying the garment can be akin to that scene in The Mask when Jim Carrey is frisked by the police. Colour choice is limited: the J-25 is currently only available in navy.

Best for: Those like me, with a man-bag phobia.

Avoid if: You have few personal effects.

Score: 10/10. The gadget toolbox you can wear.

AyeGear J-25 £139.99 (ayegear.com)