Venison Bresaola, Swede Remoulade, Apple & Hazelnuts by The Lovat Brasserie in Fort Augustus

The Lovat is the only 4 star, 3 rosette hotel along Loch Ness. This award-winning eco-conscious hotel is situated in a beautiful Victorian building located in the loch-side village of Fort Augustus, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

The Brasserie, located to the side of the hotel with its own private entrance, provides a relaxed and modern atmosphere. The menu is well balanced as well as being experimental, promoting excellent local and Scottish ingredients.

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Ingredients: Serves 4

12 slices of Great Glen Charcuterie venison bresaola

100g swede, cut into julienne (matchsticks)

50g mayonnaise

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

½ tbsp   grain mustard   

3 gherkins, cut into julienne

100g apple chutney, pureed and put in a squeeze bottle

1 shallot, finely chopped

2 tbsp chopped toasted hazelnut’s

4 tbsp hazelnut vinaigrette         

To Finish

3 small disc’s of green apple

3 cubes of venison salami

Handful of peppery leaves (watercress)


  1. Roll out each of the slices of bresaola between 2 sheets of cling film until very thin. Set aside.
  2. Next make the remoulade by mixing the swede with the mayonnaise, both the mustards and the gherkins.
  3. To assemble the bresaola rolls, lay out 3 slices of bresaola overlapping (to create a rough rectangle) on some cling film. Next place a spoonful of the remoulade along the length of bresaola, fold over the ends of the bresaola, then roll up into a tight sausage shape. Tie the ends of the clingfilm to tightly secure the rolls and repeat with the rest of the bresaola to create 4 sausage shapes in total. Refrigerate for 30min.
  4. To make the dressing, mix the vinaigrette with the shallots and hazelnuts.
  5. To Plate, pipe some chutney on the plate in a spiral (if using). Place the bresaola sticks in the middle of the plate. Spoon over some hazelnut dressing then scatter the apple discs and salami around the plate, adding a few peppery leaves to garnish. Serve immediately.

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