YOU may have heard of the brave souls who undertook Sober October to raise money for charity. As you can probably guess, I was not one of them. However, my lovely wife Laura heard about the idea (albeit in the middle of the month with a glass of wine in her hand), and she decided to have a bash at her own version. And so, Novinovember was born. In its inaugural year, it hasn’t been a rip-roaring success, but this is due more to the shortage of interesting alcohol-free products on the market rather than to Laura’s resolve (or lack thereof).

Most supermarkets sell a few alcohol-free beers, as well as "adult soft drinks", but what if you have a notion for wine or gin? I’ve never been a fan of de-alcoholised wines as I usually think they’re lacking in oomph and flavour (with a few notable exceptions). I prefer a German Riesling, bottled at 9 or 10 per cent ABV (alcohol by volume), which is absolutely packed with flavour and character, as well as being ideal if you want to cut back a bit.

Leitz Magdalenenkreuz Riesling Kabinett 2015, 10 per cent ABV (Waitrose, £13.99). This is a classic Rheingau Riesling, with a lush tropical fruity palate and a clean grapefruit-like acidity. It’s also incredibly versatile, working as an aperitif or with a Thai green curry or even home-made mince pies. The whole Leitz range is really good, but this is my current favourite.

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One of the notable exceptions to my de-alcoholised rule is the Torres Natureo De-alcoholised Muscat 2015, 0.5 per cent ABV (Waitrose, £5.99). This is a lovely wee glugger, off-dry and ideal for the designated driver or proponents of Novinovember.

And for the gin fans, don’t despair … there is a suitable, tasty and completely alcohol-free alternative. It's relatively new to the market, but already has an award or two under its belt. Seedlip Spice 94 (Inverarity One to One, £19.49). This is a bit of a revelation, it’s not a gin but it tastes quite like one. And a good one at that. It’s fresh, aromatic and spicy and should be served with tonic. And there’s no alcohol in it whatsoever. None. As they say at Seedlip, it's what to drink when you're not drinking. Cheers!

Pete Stewart is Glasgow director of Inverarity One to One, 185a Bath Street, Glasgow