Jeff Leach is an international comedian from the UK. Upon his return from LA, I caught up with him to discuss work, touring and his star style.

Look out for him in his new film 'The Smoke' where he plays the character of 'Dean' in the classic British gangster thriller out now.

1) We met at the ROX Diamond Event during the Edinburgh Fringe, what was it like playing in Scotland?

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Depends what you are playing in Scotland really. Playing the bagpipes during the Fringe Festival is pretty predictable, playing a stand-up show for a couple of hundred people every day is the purest form of a natural high I am able to get and finally playing with yourself is fine as long as you are indoors.

2) Can you tell us a wee bit about your show?

My stand-up is about life and all facets of my own that I hope people can empathise with and relate to. A lot of comedians do topical jokes, fabricated stories or observations about life's little irritations but that's not me. I'm not belittling or questioning the validity and need for humour of that kind I simply like to put more of myself 'out there' for my audience as it were. The shows I perform these days are funny, well written and capture my character but they also make an audience leave feeling like they truly got to know something about me. I suppose I've fused my desire to provide mirth for the masses with my narcissistic tendencies to make it all about ME.

3) Since then you have been touring, what has been your best show this season?

I love the out of town shows. London is a magnificent and unique city full of wonder but when you perform for a couple of hundred people in a small village hall somewhere out in a small town three hours drive away people appear to appreciate it more. Britain is full of creativity but I suppose a lot of us are guilty of thinking it is only needed in the major cities. I'm trying to help change that.

4) You recently appeared in Attitude Magazine, had you done anything like that before?

Had I appeared almost completely nude in a gay magazine before? No. Had I taken my clothes off for the public eye before? Many times. I love nudity, I'm just gutted I didn't make the cut during the recent celeb selfie iCloud hacking scandal. What does Jennifer Lawrence have that I don't?

5) Other than comedy is there any other industry that you would like to work in?

Prior to being a stand-up comedian I made my money being a television presenter, prior to that I was a professional DJ and producer for Ministry of Sound and Island Records, prior to that I was a radio producer and a live music booker for large venues. I've always embraced different experiences through work, whether it be painter and decorator or international comedian. Right now though I know that acting and stand-up are my true passions.

6) Can you tell us the best and the worst things about being a comedian?

Best thing is the euphoria of absolutely killing at a show, there's nothing like it. Worst thing is the pre-show minotaur battles we have to carry out. You did know that we have to fight a minotaur every time we want to perform right? Absolute ball-ache.

7) Do you have any advice for upcoming talent?

Gig and write and never stop. No-one is a comedian until they have performed 100 shows and then you're only just starting out.

8) What is your ultimate decade in fashion history?

Why do you love this period? The Middle Ages were pretty awesome. I love the 14th century in particular with all those boiled leather vambraces, rich silk cloaks and large statement jewellery. However there was a lot of typhoid fever, dysentery, smallpox and diphtheria around too, so swings and roundabouts.

9) Is there anything that absolutely annoys you about fashion?

The nepotism. It's the same with TV comedy, acting and fashion. So much of it revolves around who you know and who is related to whom. It would be nice if talent shone because of the talent rather than the people who back it.

10) If you could own one pair of kicks in the universe what would they be and why?

My leather cowboy boots are all I need. Perfect for gun fighting, salsa dancing AND love making.