What is it?

A compact but powerful LED projector. We've all seen those American TV shows where a bunch of sports fans are perched in front of a giant screen. They are yelling and seemingly having the time of their lives, but upon trying to recreate the atmosphere we realise something is not quite right, and it's the television.

Most Scottish homes have rooms built for practicality with minimal space for large appliances so how do you accommodate a 70 or 80 inch screen? The answer is an ultra short throw projector.

Good Points?

The projector only needs to be situated about a ruler's length away from a wall to produce an 80-inch picture. This negates the need for bulky stands and mounts to allow any room with a blank wall to become a home cinema.

Weighing in at a fraction over a kilogram (2.2lb) and with dimensions of 13x20x8cm (5x8x3in) means it's highly portable and doesn't need much resting space to operate. The embedded battery also aids its mobility, giving two hours and thirty minutes of cordless run time.

The device is surprisingly quiet during operation with barely a hum.

Bad points?

The resolution is high definition but limited to 720p which some accustomed to 1080P will find annoyingly noticeable.

Best for ...

Those who want to enjoy quality video on a large screen without having to sacrifice any precious space.

Avoid if ...

720p simply won't do and you are seeking full 1080p high definition viewing.

Score: 8/10.

LG Ultra Short Throw Projector, £490 (lg.com)