What is it?

A nifty camping stove aimed at those who prefer their outdoors experience with creature comforts. No one likes cold beans or waking up to tepid porridge.

Good Points?

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The Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV comprises five cooking surfaces including one for heating up pans, a barbecue grate, a wok and a reversible grill/griddle plate. I particularly like the way that the wok doubles as a lid when not in use.

The gas-powered Piezo ignition system distributes heat evenly with our pancake test proving a big success.

A power output of 2000 watts gives a commendable boil time of just over six minutes, ideal for those seeking their morning coffee fix in jig time.

A lot of thought has gone into the design and layout as every piece stacks neatly together like Russian dolls to save maximum space. The whole package weighs in at less than 5kg making it easy to transport in the accompanying tote bag.

The fat and oil collection reservoir works really well to help maintain clean surfaces and ensure nothing gets clogged up. All cooking areas are dishwasher safe so no need to spend hours up to your elbows in soap suds scrubbing it clean.

Bad points?

The legs, while sturdy, aren't extendable so a table could be required for less supple campers, although this is by no means a deal-breaker.

Best for ...

Those who want to enjoy an al fresco culinary experience without the downsides of traditional barbecuing, such as messy charcoal and uneven cooking.

Avoid if ...

You are more an indoorsy and ready-meal type of person.

Score: 9/10.

Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV, £119.99 (campingaz.com)