What is it?

A wireless keyboard aimed at reducing both the strain on your joints and the spatial footprint on your desk.

The Penclic K2 utilises scissor switch keys which reduce the height and weight of the keyboard.

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This technology is named due to its mechanism which has two small rods on a single hinge which then pivots when pressed just like a pair of scissors.

That, in turn, requires less force to trigger contact and register a key stroke.

Good Points?

The set up is every bit as simple as the wired variety. Although the device is wireless it can still be considered plug and play due to the accompanying WiFi USB dongle used to receive the signal from keyboard to computer.

The combination of flat surface and easy press keys reduces stress on the wrists and fingers as the joint bend angle is not as severe as with standard mechanical keyboards.

The design looks elegant and with a width of just over 28 centimetres (11 inches) it can be hidden away leaving your desk clutter free.

Bad points?

The wireless connection is made via a proprietary 2.4GHz frequency so the USB dongle is needed even for Bluetooth enabled devices and therefore won't work with some tablets like the iPad.

Best for ...

Those looking to alleviate common office aliments such as repetitive strain injury (RSI). The small factor design also makes this a good choice for anyone keen to maximise space in a compact working area.

Avoid if ...

You are looking for a fully featured input device that can replace a gaming keyboard. Apple owners may also get frustrated with the lack of command keys.

Score: 8/10.

Penclic K2 Mini Keyboard, £54.99 (penclic.se)