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Following a baptism of fire in local newspapers I joined The Herald in 2003. I write features for all areas of the paper with a particular interest in reportage pieces and real life stories, both quirky and compelling. I'm also interested in health and wellbeing and in Scotland's great outdoors. My career low was, as a cub reporter, being sent to the official opening of a set of traffic lights. My most memorable job was travelling to Bosnian mountain villages to interview survivors of genocide.


  • Light from the lantern she is swinging falls upon a rectangular shape in the corner. She drags the coffin across the windowless room with surprising ease. Closer inspection reveals that it is made of sturdy cardboard. Emblazoned with a colourful motif, she designed it herself and in it she intends to make her final journey.

    "The neighbours think I'm off my head," says Chalmers, who grew up on a farm in Dumfriesshire but now lives in a tenement flat on Glasgow's south side.

  • But, for the 81-year-old, it marked a particularly outstanding achievement as he had just been awarded his eighth degree.

    Over the last 35 years, Mr Stephen has studied for two BAs, two MA (Hons), an LLB, a BD, a Phd and yesterday received an MLitt.

    He said: "I started out to achieve the old mediaeval trilogy of being proficient in the arts, law and divinity and I did that.

    "I'm not a first class honours individual but I got 2:1s and one of my tutors said, 'Come back and push it up a bit more'."

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