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If variety is the spice of life, then my career must be a vindaloo. What else could explain a background that has involved revealing the 'Mission Impossible' takeover attempt of Rangers by Ethan Hunt; that Little Britain stars created a storm when describing Motherwell in less than complimentary terms; unveiling Scotland's most valuable companies; and detailing the £1bn hole in the country's public sector pensions. All without a jug of iced water in sight.


  • The 61-year-old BBC commentator injured his arm and suffered bruising as he tried to stop the thief fleeing in his S-Type Jaguar by clinging on to the bonnet.

    But Young said that although he had identified who he thought the robber was, it was not enough for prosecutors to proceed with the case.

    It is understood the charges were not pursued after a witness was unable to provide evidence that would allow the case to go ahead.

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