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Not quite a Lobby veteran, but 16 years at the heart of power has taken its toll as my hair is turning white and politicians are beginning to recognise me. Remain sane, but still deeply sceptical.


  • Mr Jenkins, who took on the role last August, said it was "only right that I bear an appropriate degree of accountability" following a year of devastating reputational blows for the group, including its £290m settlement for Libor rate-rigging.

    The maximum bonus he was entitled to was £2.75m – or 250% of his £1.1m salary – but he was reportedly in line for £1m.

  • The survey will be highlighted by Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, in a speech on the subject when he will argue that for too long governments have chased income-based poverty targets.

    “We need to focus on life change, so that families are able to sustain the improvement in their lives beyond government money. This is nowhere better illustrated than in families suffering parental addiction.”

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