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Not quite a Lobby veteran, but 16 years at the heart of power has taken its toll as my hair is turning white and politicians are beginning to recognise me. Remain sane, but still deeply sceptical.


  • The planned petition for judicial review at the Court of Session in Edinburgh by the Birmingham-based practice, Public Interest Lawyers (Pil), on behalf of two clients, has failed before legal arguments could even be put.

    Liam O'Connor: I'm simply asking not to be discriminated against

  • Tory backbenchers critical of Mr Osborne's performance at the Treasury are said to be considering writing a letter to the Prime Minister calling on him to sack the Chancellor.

    Threats have been made that a no-confidence motion could be triggered next year if Mr Osborne's next budget does not help revive the flatlining economy.

    One Conservative MP was quoted as saying: "I have seen no evidence of a plot, but there is an almost universal view that George Osborne is out of his depth. I have no doubt that the vast majority of MPs feel that way."

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