I refer to the statement made by Mr Richard Ottaway, quoted in your paper dated August 2 regarding the Sainsbury's in Selsdon.

Obviously Mr Ottaway has not visited Selsdon for some time or he would be aware that there are no shops that this complex could affect other than Somerfields.

Selsdon High Road consists of banks, building societies, estate agents and take-aways. Hence the reason why Selsdon desperately needs a decent supermarket.

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There are many people in Selsdon, young families and the elderly people who do not have one car let alone two. Why should these people be deprived of decent shopping facilities.

Most of the people who oppose this development are two car families who have do their shopping in Selsdon anyway.

Selsdon is for all residents, not just car owners. Mr Ottaway should remember this, likewise, our local councillor who also objects to this complex.

Mrs Perry

Thorold Close