Who would you be if you could swap places for a day?

Barbra Streisand, the biggest diva of all time. I'd love to be able to sing like her for a day.

Who was your childhood hero?

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Judy Garland. When I first saw the Wizard of Oz I thought she was just the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life, and when she opened her mouth and sang like that I was in absolute heaven. I became quite obsessed: my mum got me a Wizard of Oz poster and I remember I would just sit and stare at it for hours.

What's the first thing you do in the morning?

Make some coffee. I can't function without it.

What's the last thing you think about at night?

Whatever's been worrying me. I'm a terrible worrier and always have been. That said, I also think about Benny, my three-year-old. I always see his little face before I drop off.

How often do you wash your hair?

When I'm playing Miss Hoolie, every day. The make-up girls lacquer it into a helmet, and it's like wood.

Would you ever have cosmetic surgery?

Myself and Juliet Cadzow, who plays Edie McCredie in Balamory, call ourselves Nipped and Tucked. We talk about the things we could get done when we're older. Without being too vain, probably the whole face. I would never get collagen implants, though.

Which designer labels do you own?

I own a pair of Jimmy Choos. My husband Greg [Hemphill, from Chewin' the Fat] brought me them back from Las Vegas earlier this year.

Who are your favourite writers?

I've recently discovered Danny Sugerman, who writes a lot about music. I've always loved Kinky Friedman; and, when it comes to screenplays, Jimmy McGovern.

What is your favourite building?

The Flatiron in New York. It's fabulous; I've loved it for years. The first time I stood in front of it was amazing.

Arthouse or multiplex?

Both. Greg is very much into multiplexes, but I used to love going to the GFT in Glasgow when I was a drama student.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs: we have a little mongrel called Tootsie, who's six. I'm highly allergic to cats. If a friend has one I can't go to their house or even hug them. Greg's parents have cats, and every time we go to visit them I have an asthma attack.

Pyjamas or au naturel?

Pyjamas, otherwise I'm just cold. I'm quite suspicious of people who say they sleep in the nude.

Love is

Being totally selfless.

What do you believe in?

Freedom of choice. Equality. That everyone has a right to do with their life what they like.

If I were prime minister I would

Give more funding to the NHS. If you go into an NHS hospital at the moment it's like being transported back 100 years. As prime minister, I would love to be able to give them more money; to shake things up and make a difference. Oh, and I'd also introduce a glamour allowance for mums.

What have you loved and lost?

Every pair of sunglasses I have ever owned.

What makes you blush?

If I tell a lie and get caught out. Even if it's just a little white lie, I go scarlet.

What would be the soundtrack to your life?

Barbra Streisand and Supergrass.

What brings out the devil in you?

Tequila. I've had two very bad experiences on it.

Sum yourself up in five words.

Minxy. Loyal. Honest. Indecisive. Loving.

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