THOSE who saw our news story last week about the birth of an osprey chick in the Tweed Valley will be interested to hear that there are more new additions to the flock. The breeding pair has now hatched four healthy chicks, an extremely unusual event.

"It is rare for ospreys to lay four eggs, and incredibly rare for all four to hatch, so all of the staff and volunteers here are extremely excited, " says Neil Harnott, RSPB osprey information assistant at the Glentress Forest viewing centre. "With three chicks having hatched in the 'live' viewing nest, and now four in our 'back-up' nest, the project now has cameras covering a total of seven chicks."

You can visit the viewing centres at Glentress Forest and Kailzie Gardens, both near Peebles, in the Borders, or watch live action on the internet at www. uk/tweedvalleyospreys

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